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Famous as pop singers later X Factor, therefore as competitors of the Big Brother Vip. Oral Donatellas they are talked about especially for the explosive photos on their official Instagram page. While Silvia Provvedi she became a mother, Giulia Provide he can still experience his social fame without too many thoughts, even giving himself some “over the top” shots.

So a few days ago here appears a photo in his underwear e without bra, brandished in the wind. “That afternoon when your friend throws you among the fresh branches to immortalize moments of ordinary freedom”, reads the caption halfway between the bucolic, the poetic and the mischievous irony, accompanying an artistic black and white. Then the postscript, even more peppery. “Oh yes, I’m in my underwear because I lost all the costumes I had brought to Rome”. To be precise: the fans (and followers) will certainly have taken note of the note.

The author of the precious photographic “book” is the friend Micol Ronchi, in a triumph of t-shirts that fly away, tongues and wild curves (no, not those of the nearby beach). On the other hand, those who usually frequent these Instagram shores will not have been too shocked.

Giulia Provvedi, the “blonde sister” of the duo, spent a decidedly “free” summer, as she proudly claims. In every sense: sentimentally and also photographically, with many photos in very tight bikinis (or directly without) that have sent even the most upright listeners visible. Long live the pop.



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