Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA: heavily armed black people demonstrate


March of the radical left. On July 4, the US National Day, numerous black protesters marched through the streets in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Unlike the Black Lives Matter movement, these demonstrators were masked and heavily armed. Who is behind the campaign?

Christian Lammert, political scientist, FU Berlin:
“These demonstrators that you saw there in Georgia probably belong to a group that calls itself the” Not Fucking Around Coalition “. Officially it has nothing to do with the larger” Black Lives Matter “movement, but rather part of a radical strand of the black movement in the USA, which in parts should even be described as very, very left, and which are partly anti-Semitic. “

The group was reportedly marching towards Stone Mountain Park. There is a large relief depicting leading figures from the Confederate States of America. In June there had already been peaceful protests by unarmed demonstrators. The rock is considered the birthplace of the modern Ku Klux Klan more than 100 years ago. The armed demonstrators thus chose a symbolic target. And there is a clear message behind it.

Christian Lammert, political scientist, FU Berlin:
“It was an act here to counterbalance the White Supremacists movement. It was a protest that was to signal that there is also a radical military and armed wing on the part of the African Americans and the blacks in the USA . “

The demands of this extreme left movement are radical and go much further than those of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The group that deployed in Georgia, for example, is also very active in Texas, where it is calling for a black state to separate from the USA. All of this contradicts the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Christian Lammert, political scientist, FU Berlin:

“‘Black Lives Matter’ has tried to present itself in these recent trials after the murder of George Floyd by the police, as a very moderate movement by focusing on peaceful protests, which has largely been achieved now The Black Lives Matter movement has actually organized the protests quite well now, and of course that’s a bit of a disservice that this radical group is doing to this peaceful protest, and it actually plays a bit into the hands of the Trump administration who is currently playing with it and is trying to describe the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement as radical leftist, violent looting in order to deprive them of legitimacy. “

So far, the videos have mainly been circulating on social networks. Right-wing social media in particular are trying to stir up fear with them. The fact that there were still no violent political reactions was probably due to the fact that the situation on National Day did not escalate.

Christian Lammert, political scientist, FU Berlin:

“But these radical black organizations have already announced that if they then meet White Supremacists, it could also become violent. And that would of course be a new dimension if we had seen civil war-like conditions in the US, when armed militias of the black and the black White people attack each other. “

At the moment the “Black Lives Matter” movement can largely ignore pictures like from Georgia. There are still isolated cases. But how to deal with the radical left will depend on how the November presidential election ends. Whether there is a change of power and a president moves into the White House where the movement is heard and can really initiate reforms.

Christian Lammert, political scientist, FU Berlin:

“That depends on the extent to which BLM, as a movement, is able to keep the radical groups on the side of the African Americans in check. If this does not succeed, this antagonism between the administration and the black people in the USA will be further fueled. Then it will It will be difficult for the BLM movement to justify the reform style they currently have in their policies, and that will provide arguments for the radical wings in the black movement. “

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