Stockmann will invest 2.5 million euros in the development of the food segment

“Along with investments in the development of the food segment, we purposefully continue to implement the department store’s growth plan, providing customers with a unique shopping experience and high-class service. It is planned to implement both ambitious changes in the visual image of Stockmann’s Delicatessen, combining Stockmann’s values ​​with modern Scandinavian and Latvian design, and to offer customers new and convenient services and solutions, with special emphasis on strengthening the main food categories – bakery, ready meals (both takeaway and on-site) and fruit and vegetables. Liene Griezite and Robert Valdmanis, “explains Dace Goldmane, director of the department store Stockmann.

It is planned that the newly established “Delikatess” department will be available to customers next autumn.

Stockmann’s Delikatess division already has state-of-the-art solutions such as a free drinking water refill, customers have access to fully compostable bags in addition to the usual ones, a place to buy bulk nuts, and disposable plastic containers and packaging that is not possible. recycle.

Also, for the convenience of customers, the department has a pineapple peeling machine and a pomegranate juicer. These innovations will also be retained in the renovated Delikatess department, and their range will be supplemented with new environmentally friendly and customer-friendly choices.

Stockmann’s Delikatess division has been offering a range of carefully selected products from different regions of the world since 2003, offering customers to explore not only local but also the traditional flavors of various other countries. The department also prepares meat, fish and vegetarian dishes that are easy to take with customers according to special “Stockmann” recipes, as well as regularly organizes various cooking master classes, attracting industry professionals.

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