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Voquz Labs: after half-year figures and a capital increase, growth is now being tackled
Software manufacturer Voquz Labs was able to grow 27% in sales in the first half of 2021 to around 1.2 million euros. CEO Martin Kögel: “I like that as expected. We are still on course there.” In the software business, the main business is usually done in Q4. This also applies to the profit, which is already positive. There was a capital increase in September. “We are very satisfied with our test balloon. But we always said we were going public to finance our expansion plans. There is more planned.” What is going to be done now?
Börsenradio to go market report (00:10:04), 08.10.

MSCI World: How big is the danger of bubbles now?
The world equity index MSCI World is one of the most important leading indices on which many ETFs are based. But he has cluster risks. Exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) have experienced a boom in recent years and have long been part of the standard equipment of investors. The most widely used index is the MSCI World: In the past twelve months, the world share index has risen by almost 30 percent. As one of the most important ETFs worldwide, it shows the price development of around 1,600 stocks from 23 industrialized countries. The largest share of the MSCI World, almost two-thirds, is in US stocks – with a greater weighting on US tech stocks: Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Tesla are just a few of the companies that make up the MSCI World are represented. Can such a weight be healthy for a world index? How big is the danger of a bubble? This is what financial editor Andrea Cünnen explains in today’s program. She knows how investors can protect their portfolio from this overweighting. The exclusive subscription offer for you as a Handelsblatt Today listener: If you have any comments, questions, criticism or praise about this episode, please email us at today @ handelsblatt .com.
Handelsblatt Today (00:23:04), 08.10.

GEA, Exasol and SYNLAB
Today it’s about the plant manufacturer GEA, the software company Exasol and the laboratory specialist SYNLAB.
Hot Bets – the podcast about hot stocks (00:05:34), October 8th.

Market report Fri. October 8, 2021 – US labor market report confuses the market, DAX over 15,000
The date of the day, maybe the week, or even more, was the release of the US labor market data. With 194,000 newly created jobs, they were significantly worse than the expected half a million. On the other hand, however, the unemployment rate has fallen to an annual low. So it’s very difficult to interpret. Allegedly, the previous month’s figures were also adjusted significantly, which makes the data somehow difficult to interpret, and here and there it was even said that the data was unusable. The market didn’t really know what to do with it. The DAX went back and forth and ended up closing at -0.3% and 15,206 points. The Dow Jones was hardly changed at the end of Xetra. The ATX in Vienna closed with +, 2% and 3,689 points, the ATX total return with 7,434 points. The strongest winners in the DAX were Conti with + 3.2%, Daimler with + 2.6% and Fresenius with +1.9%. The biggest losers in the DAX were E.ON with -2%, RWE with -2.5% and Hellofresh with -3%. Hear about this time’s particularly important US labor market report from Andreas Scholz from the dfv Euro Finance Group, about investments in Mental Health fund manager Kai Brüning from Apo Asset, about investments in local supply via real estate Manuel Jahn Head of Business Development from HABONA, about the developments at VOQUZ Labs CEO Martin Kögel and on the vision of the floating solar systems on the water, so-called “Solar Floater” Gerold Guger CEO of SolOcean.
Börsenradio to go market report (00:15:52), 08.10.

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