Stock and oil prices fall as investors prepare for tighter Covid-19 restrictions / Day

Sentiment in the markets was exacerbated by the alarming increase in new infections in Europe and the United States. More than 500,000 new cases of Covid-19 were registered worldwide on Tuesday, a new record.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced new tough restrictions that would run from Friday to at least December 1st. In France, 523 Covid-19-related deaths were reported in 24 hours on Tuesday, a new record since April.

German central government and federal state governments agreed on Wednesday to impose strict restrictions on people-to-people contacts in Novemberto limit the spread of the new coronavir, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

“Gloomy. It’s the only word that can describe the market on Wednesday,” he said Spreadex analyst Cory Campbell.

“Investor fears of Covid-19 are attacking stock prices in ways not seen since the start of the Western phase of the pandemic in March.”

Investors have also virtually given up hope of adopting a new stimulus package for the US economy ahead of the US presidential election.

Covid-19 restrictions are also reducing oil demand, and crude oil prices fell more than 5% on Wednesday.

US stock index Dow Jones Industrial Average on Wednesday fell 3.4% to 26,519.95 points, the index Standard & Poor’s 500 fell by 3.5% to 3271.03 points, while the index Nasdaq Composite decreased by 3.7% to 11,004.87 points.

The London Stock Exchange index FTSE 100 fell 2.6% to 5582.80 points on Wednesday, the Frankfurt stock exchange index DAX 30 fell 4.2% to 11,560.51 points, while the Paris stock exchange index CAC 40 fell 3.4% to 4571 , 12 points.

In the e-commerce of the New York Stock Exchange, the price of WTI crude oil fell by 5.6% on Wednesday to USD 37.39 per barrel. Brent The price of crude oil on the London Stock Exchange fell by 5.3% to $ 39.03 per barrel.

The euro fell against the US dollar from 1.1796 to 1.1749 dollars per euro on Wednesday, the British pound against the US dollar fell from 1.3044 to 1.2987 dollars per pound, and the US dollar against the Japanese yen fell from 104.42 to 104.31 yen per dollar. The euro appreciated against the pound sterling from 90.43 to 90.45 pence per euro.

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