Sting: “My job is to keep writing”

He is still a collateral victim of the coronavirus. Scheduled for last November, before the Christmas holidays, Sting’s duet album, soberly titled Duets, is postponed to March 19.

We will therefore have to wait to listen to this compilation which brings together some legendary collaborations, such as It’s probably me, recorded with Eric Clapton, or Rest, his duet with Gims.

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When the interview was recorded, Sting was confined to the French countryside, in Senlis, where he reconstituted a studio so that he could work. Decidedly, he is still on the go …

During this particular period, we lived a lot behind our screens. What lessons can be learned?
We are social animals. This virus has attacked us in our very essence. It’s not ideal, but thanks to technology, I was able to communicate, give one or two concerts. It kept me alive.

The day Sting shows off his Chartres Cathedral tattoo on his back …

How do you feel when you give a concert on Zoom?
It’s a funny feeling. We do not receive an immediate reaction from the public. It’s a little sterile atmosphere, but the technology will improve and the barriers will collapse.

“Even the most famous songs started in the most humble way possible. With two or three notes…”

Sting (Singer)

Has the free time given off by confinement inspired you to new songs?

I don’t really have any free time. I come to the studio every morning to record and I hope to release a song. But it’s a very difficult time to be inspired. Something might come of it, but with time and hindsight.

Sting: “I let myself be guided by my curiosity”

Your compilation of duets should have been released in November, it is postponed to March.

The idea came to me while recording a duet with Melody Gardot, Little something. This is the message I send in this troubled period: it is beautiful artists who sing together, in harmony.

Nick Mason: “Reforming Pink Floyd? Who knows… “

How did you choose the artists with whom you sing?

Sometimes I had the opportunity to sing with my idols, like Charles Aznavour. I am very grateful for that. This album is very eclectic, having been recorded over more than twenty years.

Sting, the singer who has Chartres in the skin, does not want “to be 24 years old forever”

Time has passed since your first single, “Fall out”, in 1977.

From that time on, were you aware that you had to broaden your horizons? Absolutely. My tastes have always been very broad. I grew up listening to jazz, classical and pop. The Police was the first rock band I was involved in.

Laurent Voulzy in concert at Chartres Cathedral: “It’s very moving for me to be here”

Do you have a new album in the pipeline?

Yes, I work there every day. It’s never easy, because I always try to do better than before.
People often prefer old songs by an artist.

My job is to keep writing. Even the most famous songs started in the most humble way possible. By two or three notes …

Duets. Released on March 19, € 16 (CD) and € 26 (vinyl). Concert scheduled at Chambord castle on July 1, 2021.

Remi Bonnet


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