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In many supermarkets, the prices on the receipt deviate from the price tags on the shelf, with the errors usually to the detriment of consumers. This is apparent from a sample of the Consumers’ Association, the organization reports on Saturday. Last year, the supermarkets promised to improve, but ‘little has come of it’, according to the Consumers’ Association.

Only one receipt was flawless

The Consumers’ Association conducted research at seven national supermarket chains (Albert Heijn, Aldi, Coop, Jumbo, Lidl, Plus and Spar) and visited three branches of each chain. There, the shelf prices of 25 products were noted and compared with the price on the receipt. Only one receipt, at an Aldi branch, was completely flawless. That is a worse result with the same sample last year, when three vouchers turned out to be error-free.

More mistakes

The number of errors also appeared to have increased. In 2020 the price was wrong for one in eight products, this time one in seven products went wrong. It often went wrong with coffee, beer and wine, according to the organization.

Albert Heijn and Jumbo

In the sample, Aldi made the fewest mistakes, with only one in 25 items mispriced. Albert Heijn and Jumbo made the most mistakes. At Albert Heijn, for example, more than one in four products had a different price, at Jumbo more than one in five. Last year came these two chains, even if only from the sample of the Consumers’ Association.

Source: ANP


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