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Still in the Covid-19 Pandemic, England Finds 2 Cases of the Deadly Monkeypox Virus

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Suara.com – Minister of Health English Matt Hancock, Thursday (10/6/2021), has just confirmed the discovery of 2 cases of a rare virus outbreak, namely the virus monkey pox deadly.

Citing Dailymail, unfortunately Hancock did not explain in detail the two cases monkeypox virus virus found, and whether they were infected with Covid-19.

But this news was immediately confirmed by Public Health Wales which revealed that this monkeypox virus was an imported case. Both cases are from a couple in the same house, and one person is being treated in hospital.

Unfortunately, the official did not reveal the country of origin of the virus. But keep in mind, the monkeypox virus or known as monkeypox is commonly found in Central Africa and West Africa.

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These two monkeypox patients have been infected since early May, and have been quarantined to prevent transmission.

For your information, monkeypox is a rare tropical disease that causes flu-like symptoms to blisters on the skin.

Viruses are caused by monkeys, mice, squirrels, and other small furry mammals. The virus can be spread between humans by skin-to-skin contact, coughing and sneezing, and all clothing or bedding that is contaminated with the virus.

But keep in mind, human-to-human transmission is rare and the virus is not as easy to spread as the corona virus.

In addition, according to WHO, only 10 percent of people who get monkeypox will die and most of the deaths from the virus are experienced in younger age groups.

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