Still free, daily increase in new infections in Freiburg and Breigau-Hochschwarzwald

With 39 new infections in Freiburg and 51 in Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald on Tuesday, the rise in the pandemic is still unchecked. The data from the health department for the 7-day incidence on the morning of Wednesday, October 21, 2020 results in 64.9 and 66.8 per 100,000 inhabitants.

They’re still limping Developments in the case of severe courses thanks to the average age and the health of the infected people by far behind the increase in new infections.
The decision of the district administrator instead of paying medical students to use military heads for tracking now signals two things wrongly: Will to militarize the health system and Not Adequate preventive training and staffing of the health department, which is responsible for half a million residents.
No wonder that neither contact persons 1st degree immediately be informed, nor is both transparent and convincing communication on information events foreseeable.
This failure of a democratic instead of an authoritarian and authoritative communication offers again and again Steep templates for brown sect leaders. These are currently on tour by means of a tour of Germany by bus apparently copied from Hitler. In doing so, they do nothing to make their clientele susceptible to coup attempts. These are supposed to implement incited armed organs against the overwhelming majority.

On Thursday at 11 o’clock this hate speech bus tour apparently wants to provoke the protest in Freiburg with a stop.

Is it really a “coincidence” that on this Thursday, the anniversary of the commemoration day, the deportation of Freiburg Jews to Gurs took place on October 21, 1940? After the – largely repressed – two deportations in August and October 1940 of mentally, mentally and physically handicapped people from the Freiburg district nursing home to the Grafeneck euthanasia murder center? (Incidentally, under the command of the then professional colleagues of today’s brewing cult drummers!)


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