still a disservice on the new SIM Evolution, with customers without a network (updated)

There is no peace for customers CoopVoce migrated to the new SIM Evolution. After the outages in the summer and a few weeks ago, since yesterday several customers complain about the total absence of the network or the 4G signal on their users.

One of the reports of users who have no network or access only 3G

The anomaly had lasted for about a couple of hours in the late morning yesterday and from the late afternoon of today it recurred again and customers began to send us several reports and they are pouring into the operator’s social channels to complain about the problem and ask for explanations.

Message board FB CoopVoce

Some messages published on the official CoopVoce Facebook page

This is not a disservice on the network TIM (which CoopVoce relies on), but it seems clear that everything depends on the new platform implemented by Accenture for service management such as Full MVNO.

After yet another problem that is impacting its customers, perhaps the time has come CoopVoce to release a public communication and explain what is happening.

Update. In addition to what has been reported, when trying to contact users impacted by the disruption, they are either non-existent or the call is interrupted.

We also wanted to make two attempts directed towards two different numbers CoopVoce (with SIM Evolution) and we could find a line interruption immediately after dialing the number (in our two tests we used an iliad SIM and a Fastweb on the TIM network and the result does not change).

Update at 20:10. CoopVoce, through the official Facebook page, he decided to apologize for the ongoing disservice, without however giving a clear explanation in addition to the ongoing “network problems”.

In the transparency that has always distinguished us, we wish to communicate that we are aware of the network problems that are occurring for some customers in some areas of Italy: we are truly sorry and aware of the inconvenience that a technical disruption can cause.

We are doing our best to get back to full operation as quickly as possible and we will keep you updated within our official channels.

As usual, you can tell us your experience and if you are experiencing the same problem in the comments at the end of the article. We will monitor the situation, hoping that full service will be restored as soon as possible.

Our section Reports is always available to all readers to contact us and communicate any disservice concerning CoopVoce and other virtual mobile operators.

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