Stewardess Leaks Secret Security Check While Staying at Hotel


An airline flight attendant Air New Zealand leaked how to check security while staying at a hotel. The video is on Tiktok viral and watched by tens of thousands of people.

Stewardess with account Tiktok @cici_inthesky made a video containing tips for checking security at the hotel where we stay. As a flight attendant, staying alone in a hotel is certainly something she often does.

There are lots of tips that @cici_inthesky shared in that video. The first thing is to first check the hotel room closet, make sure there is no one hiding there or there are other suspicious objects.

Also check behind shower curtains and windows. After that, make sure the phone in the room is connected and functioning normally just in case we need help.

Don’t forget to also close the peephole in the hotel room. If there is no cover, a traveler can use a tissue to cover the hole.


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If a traveler doesn’t want his rest to be disturbed, just put up a sign that he doesn’t want to be disturbed that hangs on the doorknob of the outside room. Close the door, then lock it with additional security.

Another thing that should not be missed is, check the basement of the traveler’s bed. Make sure no one is hiding down there.

If you want to leave the hotel room, the flight attendant Air New Zealand it accidentally turned on the TV whose volume was turned on normally. It was so that people thought someone was in the room.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Cabin Crew Air New ZealandVivi Vincent admits, the safety of their cabin crew and pilots is very important.

“The safety of our crew and pilots is everything. So we have a special team sent to all hotels to check before our employees come there as part of their duties,” explains Viv.

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