Stevi Item and Jerinx insinuating each other about Covid-19 Continues

Stevi Item and Jerinx Collage (Source: Instagram)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Jerinx seems to have a commensurate “opponent”. Musician Stevi Item has started to open up his voice and seems vocal in talking about caring for the victims of the pandemic.

He also alluded to the circulation of narratives calling Covid-19 a trivial matter, even inendorse.

Audy Item’s older brother then criticized anyone who underestimated Covid-19.

Previously, Stevi Item also expressed his anger towards the term endorse Covid-19 circulating on social media.

For information, the term endorse This Covid-19 has emerged, one of which was echoed by a musician from Bali, Jerinx. Chaos ensued, there were camps who believed and did not believe in the existence of Covid-19.

It seems that Jerinx also had time to respond to Stevi Item’s Instagram upload that talked about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through his temporary Instagram account, Jerinx made an innuendo for Stevi Item.



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