Steps to Prevent COVID-19 Infection for Diabetics

JAKARTA – There are a number of precautions that people with diabetes mellitus (DM) can do so they are not infected with COVID-19 during the new normal adaptation period, one of which is to monitor blood sugar more frequently.

Chairman of the PB Indonesian Endocrinology Association (PERKENI) Prof. Ketut Suastika said that people with diabetes also need to wash their hands frequently, maintain a healthy and regular diet, take medication regularly, both oral and injection, and do physical exercise.

“It is very important for people with diabetes to discuss with their doctors in order to evaluate the right treatment options during the pandemic for each individual, in order to achieve good blood sugar control and maintain body immunity,” he said in a press release, Friday.

Ketut also emphasized the importance of better diabetes care in the adaptation period of new habits, namely innovative and individual therapies needed by people with problems. Then, for people with diabetes who are affected by COVID-19, Ketut suggested that they continue to take both oral and injection drugs.

In moderate COVID-19 symptoms, if there is an eating disorder and the symptoms get worse, treatment can be replaced with insulin. In severe and critical cases of COVID-19, patients need to get treatment at the hospital, the medicine is insulin. Drugs other than anti-diabetes drugs should be consulted with the treating doctor, according to Ketut.

Diabetes is the second most common comorbid disease. Approximately 8 percent of cases after hypertension with a mortality rate three times higher than patients in general (7.3 percent versus 2.3 percent.

‚ÄúDiabetes Mellitus (DM) is one of the highest risk factors for transmission of COVID-19. Therefore, it is important to convey guidelines and recommendations to diabetes patients and all medical personnel serving patients in order to provide the best service during this COVID-19 pandemic, “said Ketut.

Head of Medical Sanofi Indonesia, dr. Mary Josephine added that her party is committed to providing medical innovations for better diabetes care for people with diabetes through combination therapy that can control fasting blood sugar (FPG) and after meals (PPG).

“In addition, we have made continuous educational efforts to ensure that people with diabetes, doctors, health workers, health facilities get the right information in diabetes management through various digital advocacy programs,” said Mary.

News Source: BETWEEN.

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