Steps taken to bring water to Mundakan agriculture: Minister: Nattu Visesham

Action Taken to Bring Water to Mundakan Agriculture: Minister

Sunday, September 18, 2022 01:01 am IST

Pasayannur: farmers obtain the water necessary for the cultivation of the Mundak rice field on the 26th Minister K. accepted the necessary measures to reach Radhakrishnan informed.
Roads subjected to Cheerkuzhi irrigation project In Mundakan, the farmer has cleared the water channels for agriculture, to accept urgent measures for the timely delivery of Rs. The minister gave instructions. At the Cheerakuzhi Irrigation Advisory Committee meeting, the wartime strike Cultivation should be carried out by removing the blockages in the irrigation legs on site Measures for the timely delivery of Mayan water to farmers Agriculture officers, officers of the ‘irrigation, members of Pata Shekhara Samiti, farmers and public representatives together with Cha Cheit Mundak, in a way that makes it more suitable for Virupup agriculture.Shika also decided to prepare the calendar.

Thrissur Major Irrigay in a meeting at the Chirakkuzhi Irrigation Office Shan Division Executive Engineer TK Jayaraj was the president. The former president of Noor Block Panchayat KM Ashraf, Grama Panchayat Presidents Sheikh Abdul Khader, PK Muralidharan, K. Sasidharan Maestro, Panjal Grama Panchayat Deputy Prof. Siddhartha Sunilkumar said that the members of the Patasekhara Samites are farmers.
Cheerakuzhi Irrigation Assistant Executive Engineer VK Bindu Swagatam and Assistant Engineer PV Suma also said thank you.

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