Steps of the Ministry of Home Affairs after Supreme Court Orders Revoke SKB School Uniforms


Supreme Court (MA) through the verdict ordered that SKB 3 Minister the question of school uniforms was revoked. Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) who entered into the order respects the decision of the MA.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs certainly respects the decision made by the Supreme Court,” said Head of the Ministry of Home Affairs Information Center (Kapuspen) Benny Irwan to reporters, Friday (7/5/2021).

The Ministry of Home Affairs is waiting for the official document ordering the revocation of the Ministerial Decree 3 on school uniforms from the Supreme Court. The document will be further reviewed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“Furthermore, it is necessary to obtain documents or minutes of the decision as soon as possible, for further study and understanding,” said Benny.

The Ministerial Decree 3 was originally stipulated by the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Education and Culture, and the Minister of Religion. Therefore, the Ministry of Home Affairs will coordinate with other ministries to determine its final position.

“Then, because this is also related to other ministries, of course it needs coordination with these ministries, before determining and agreeing on the final position on this matter,” he added.

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