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Ammon – Overtaking cars while driving is a matter that requires caution and caution during exercise, so other cars should not be overtaken unless there is an urgent need to do so; For example, overtaking a car that moves very slowly or slower than normal traffic, which allows you to overtake this car, taking into account not to exceed the maximum speed available, as well as taking into account that overtaking the other vehicle is only in the left lane of the road, and trying not to use the lane The oath serves for the purpose of overtaking except for necessity, and in this article we will cover the cases in which it is forbidden to overtake cars, and we will correctly mention the steps for I overtake other cars.

When should cars not be overtaken?
There are many cases in which it is absolutely forbidden to overtake other cars; In order to avoid damage to the driver and other drivers on the road, these cases include the following:

The presence on the road of a sign “No overtaking”, where it is forbidden to overtake after the presence of this signal until the appearance of another sign indicating the possibility of overtaking in case of need.
Walk on a road separated by one or two white lines and the line closest to the car is connected.
Enter an area where the lanes are distributed to regulate traffic, with a white line connected to the road.
Approach pedestrian crossings, as traffic often stops to allow pedestrians to cross.
Entering a path or road intended for use by buses, bicycles, wagons or level crossings, especially during working hours.
Approaching road bends or curves, or when there is not enough visible distance up to 100 meters from the road to overtake.
Avoid overtaking in cases where the driver’s road intersects with the road of other vehicles; How to approach road junctions, gradually narrow the road, bring school students closer to intersections, bus stops or when traffic stops at road works and intersections.
It is forbidden to overtake a vehicle when another vehicle is overtaking it.
Overtaking is prohibited if the vehicle speed exceeds the speed limit available on the road.

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Steps to overtake cars
Overtaking other cars is very dangerous to the life of the driver and other drivers on the road if not done correctly when necessary.

1- The need to make sure that nothing prevents cars from passing on the road as mentioned above.

2- Ensure road safety and make sure there are no cars approaching at least 250 meters away.

3- Maintain a clear line of sight before approaching the vehicle to be overtaken.

4- Check the side and rear mirrors and the blind spot that the mirrors do not detect by turning over your shoulder, to make sure there are no cars trying to overtake, as well as make sure you can pass without exceeding the available speed limit.

5- Warn the other cars of the will to overtake by activating the direction indicators (the blindfold) on the left, with the need to double check with the mirrors that nothing prevents overtaking.

6- Enter the fast lane, and attempt to overtake, taking into account not to exceed the permitted speed limit.

7- Monitor the vehicle being overtaken to make sure it moves normally.

8- Do not return to the starting lane after overtaking unless you have traveled a sufficient distance, and see the car overtaking in the side mirror.

9- Activation of the direction indicators (the blindfold) to the right and back to the starting lane keeping the vehicle speed unchanged.

10- Turn off the warning lights when you return completely to the original lane and take a quick look at the rear car to ascertain the distance traveled.

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