Stephen King – The king became a fool

The king of book scares in modern pop culture becomes a laughing stock in real life. Stephen King is progressive and regularly makes headlines with eye-popping snatches and gaffes. A few days ago he wrote that if Russia had had a female president instead of a “testosterone leader” like Putin, the war would have ended. He remembered how it was during the time of Catherine the Great that Russia’s borders expanded dramatically, and to the west. In fact, he hardly knew.

And a little earlier, Russian pranksters contacted him and pretended that he was talking to Zelensky, and the world-famous author expressed his support for Stepan Bandera and the Azov battalion. Then he tried to justify that he was the victim of a scam and that he had never even heard of a man named Bandera. But in the conversation, King was recorded as saying he was a “great person” and even compared him to the founding fathers of the United States.

In general, the war in Ukraine revealed the mental and moral misery of Stephen King. But even before that, he was already hell-bent on sanity. But for a moment he was also a target of his own liberal fans. The writer and outspoken progressive has been attacked by his own people for stating a simple truth: quality is more important to art than the mandatory inclusion of a diversity of sexual and ethnic identities. But for the commissioners of crippling political correctness, such words are unacceptable and inexcusable.

Within minutes, Stephen King went from being a darling of the left to their enemy. He made the comment on the occasion of some ‘Oscar’ nominations, which were condemned by Western media as too ‘white’ and ‘masculine’. King, who is a member of the Academy and voted in three of the categories, expressed a perfectly normal stance that should be top notch for every artist. Of course, quality is more important than ideology and ethnic and sexual diversity. But not in the modern cultural landscape, which explains the spectacular decline in the artistic value of books, films and series in recent years. What matters most now is whether there is a quota for strong women, black lesbians, or transgender youth in the respective job.

For his words, Stephen King was attacked in dozens of media outlets and by thousands of activists on social networks. Eventually he relented, apologized, and wrote guiltily about how important it really was to have minority representation in the art. But even this was not enough for the radicals, who have long resented the “racism and sexism of the old white man”.

The American auteur is still considered the king of modern horror, despite his buffoonery appearances on Twitter. His books have sold over 350 million copies, making him one of the most successful writers of our time. King is also one of the most screened writers with more than 300 film and television titles based on his works. He is the author of over 60 novels and over 200 short stories. He has dozens of prestigious literary awards for individual works and overall works.
Over the years, King has struggled with his own demons and dark passages in his personal biography. In the early 70’s he became addicted to alcohol. In 1974, one of his undisputed masterpieces-“Carrie” was released. At the time, he described himself as an almost incurable alcoholic who drunkenly gave a eulogy at his mother’s funeral.

Along with drinking, he developed a drug addiction. But she doesn’t stop writing. Indeed, some of his biggest fans believe that this was the author’s most productive period. For them, the books of the cleansed king are not the same thing. Alcohol, drugs and struggles with personal demons have helped to enrich the dark worlds born of his feverish and twisted imagination. But apparently his perception of reality has been drastically affected and now he is a former drug addict but current progressive liberal.

He has a great sense of rhythm

I directed The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Road and King’s The Mist. Trust me, no one can write like him. He has a genius for building images that everyone can relate to. He also has a great sense of humor and pacing, and at creating a sense of menace, he’s simply unmatched. One of the most important voices in modern literature.

Frank Darabont, director and screenwriter

He talks complete nonsense about politics

Stephen King is an overrated horror writer, but he’s a total amateur at analyzing the real world. He talks complete nonsense about politics. He doesn’t understand economics, has no vision of American history, and always takes firm, partisan positions on Democratic bullshit, regardless of logic or evidence. He was one of Obama’s biggest fans and has been constantly exposed in recent years in his attempts to explain what is happening in the United States and around the world.

Ben Shapiro, author and political commentator

I disagreed with Kubrick on “The Shining”

We all know Stephen King writes scary stories, but he’s actually a humanist at heart. His humanism can also be recognized in one of his most famous books, The Shining. But Kubrick’s script is completely at odds with King’s perspective, which is why the two don’t get along. In “The Shining” Kubrick reveals two of his favorite themes of him: the eternity of evil and man as a murderer through the ages. And King is guided by the foundations of morality and presents the central character as an alcoholic, tormented by guilt. King himself was a writer who had a drinking problem.

Brett Easton Ellis, writer

He writes a book drunk and drunk, then remembers nothing

In the ’80s, King’s vices were at their peak, and he admits he barely remembers how he wrote “Cujo” because he was always drunk and stoned. In the autobiographical book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, King shares how his family and friends intervened in the late 1980s. They show him living surrounded by beer cans, cigarette butts, cocaine, Xanax, Valium, Nyquil, cough syrup and marijuana. King seeks help and is able to stop.

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