Stephen A. Smith Criticizes Shohei Ohtani’s Contract and Attendance at Angel’s Games

Stephen A. Smith Criticizes Shohei Ohtani’s Contract and Attendance at Angel’s Games

Smith said, “Not only did our team not win, we also failed to fill the stadium.”

Regarding Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani, sports journalist Stephen A. Smith has made a series of “extreme statements” against large contracts, saying, “I will not pay that amount ($500 million = approximately 74.18 billion yen).” has received many objections. A US data company and Angels reporter Erica Weston, among others, gave their opinions.

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Smith, a TV personality and radio host, appears on a sports talk show on ESPN. Regarding Ohtani’s notable departure, he said, “When he was with the Angels, the team didn’t win and he couldn’t fill the stadium, so he doesn’t deserve a $500 million contract.”

Codify Baseball, an American data analysis company, quoted Smith as saying, “So far this year, the Angels have attracted more fans at enemy territory than any other team in the American League except for the New York Yankees.” Questionable. In response, Weston commented, “Don’t let facts interfere with what you say without doing enough research.”

Fans also commented, “Ohtani’s ability to attract customers is clear even without looking at the numbers.” “What? They (Angels) definitely had a huge increase in revenue because of Ohtani.” “Stephen A. Smith. Think about what he said.” “I went to an Angels game at Citi Field, and it was crazy. Half Mets fans, half Ohtani fans. I’ve never seen anything like that.” “I went to Camden Yards just to see Ohtani.” I went to the Orioles vs. Angels game at , and it was worth it.”

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