Step forward Ji remedies 3 thousand baht per month for the age of 18 years and over, except government officials

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12 Jan ’16 – Mr. Pitha Limcharoenrat List of MPs. The leader of the Kao Kao Party said last week that he had been discussing online via Facebook page. It outlines the overall situation of the COVID epidemic and what proposals the government should make immediately. But until today, there are no remedial measures. Concrete While many families are in great difficulty And every day we are looking forward to a policy that will affect their lives. But when the government refused to take action Therefore, he would like to bring to you the remedial measures that the Kao Farai Party has studied and made more details from last week. Hoping that the government will understand and sympathize with the suffering of the people Which of these are all ready measures that the government can take immediately as follows

1. Urgently review the disease control measures of each province. Must take into account the situation, level of infection. Potential for patient support Including having to take into account the type of establishment that was closed in each province There shall be appropriate and reasonable remedial measures for each facility.

2. Urgent help for 3,000 baht / month (for the age of 18 years and over, except government officials) to serve as a social support network For people who are experiencing problems Thoroughly And support the economy not to slow further

3. Additional remedies For those who have suffered a lot from COVID and government measures

3.1 Must have measures to help water – electricity – rent for the public. In the province that is controlled at the most strict level

3.2 Compensate to 6,098 establishments that have been asked for cooperation to halt operations in 28 provinces closed, increased from 50% to 75%, spending an increase from 2,321 million baht to 3481.5 million baht, which can start a budget of about 4,000- 5,000 million baht because there may be more establishments to register

3.3 There should be measures to support employment for businesses whose income fell during COVID. Focusing on provinces where economic activity is disrupted, such as 5 Dark Red Provinces and Bangkok Proposed to use the criteria for consideration based on the reduction of VAT income / remittance at 50-75% with a ceiling not exceeding 7,500 baht / person.

3.4 Measures must be in place to help tenants from being discharged. There may be special laws prohibiting forced eviction of tenants in most affected provinces. And allow the government to remedy the lessor, for example, consider reducing the land tax

4.For business The government should connect the hemp line of businesses that may lack liquidity due to the slowdown. There must be a soft-loan project and a loan repayment for a maximum of 2 years, which may use a rehabilitation model during the tsunami. With lending through banks and state banks

Mr. Pitha continued that all remedial measures were real and urgent. Which will find the budget from

1. Shifting the remaining budget for economic recovery Used for remedies In total, there will be an unused budget of 1 trillion baht, the remaining approximately 467,000 million baht, the remaining budget is approximately 139,000 million baht.

2. Finished before recovery When unexpected situations arise again Should collect all the resources available Including the rocking of the year 2021 in parts that are not needed anymore To be used as ammunition for the next recovery phase. Before you think of additional loans Experience from rocking the 2020 budget reveals that government agencies can cut their own budget when needed without affecting the original target.For the year 2021 that the budget has just started less than 3 months, the budget will not be less than 200,000 million baht.

“These measures have been carefully thought out. On all fiscal feasible basis If you are a people’s government then you should not hesitate to do anything. Because now many families and businesses are like hands on the edge I don’t know how much I can endure. It is time for the government of this country to reach out and help them, ”said Pitha.


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