Stellantis, technical problems for many cars: massive recall campaign begins | Here are the affected vehicles

The corporate giant Stellantis was forced to recall several vehicles with some technical problems. Which cars are affected by the recall? Here is everything you need to know about this story that will certainly not please the owners of the ‘offending’ vehicles!

In the world Stellar over 13 automotive groups rotate. In the last period, the corporate giant with headquarters in the Netherlands is not doing very well. For example, in our country there have been some delays in production. They have led to the temporary closure of some factories scattered throughout Italy, sending unions and workers into a rage! But what happened? Which cars have been recalled?

Stellantis car recall

It is not the first time that Stellantis has been forced to recall some cars orbiting in its ‘world’. But which machines are affected by this possible technical problem? Here are all the details on what is happening and who needs to worry!

The machines involved in the recall

A recall is nothing more than an ‘order’ prepared by the car manufacturer affected by the problem. They are made to clarify the causes of a specific problem (or more) that emerged during the production phase of the model. In the event of a malfunction being discovered, therefore, the machines involved are affected by the recall and the owner of the car is required to bring the vehicle for assistance (free of charge)!

The recall occurred in reference to the models Chrysler Pacifica 2022 And Chrysler Voyager 2022. And the recall concerns – at the moment – only a few cars sold in the United States of America. No problem, therefore, for the Italian market. The models involved are 456 Chrysler Pacifica cars, produced between November 26th and December 22nd of 2021, and 52 Chrysler Voyager, built between December 6 and December 23 2021. Why were these cars recalled? The problem concerns a wiper arm nuts malfunction. The owners of the vehicles involved in the recall are required to go to the dealer or the authorized workshop to check and repair the damage if necessary.

Not the first time this year!

In February 2022, Stellantis had undergone another major recall. On that occasion the cars involved had been many more and had mainly concerned always the United States market, with extension to Canada.

Stellantis car recall 23 September 2022
Recall for some Stellantis models (Source: Ansa)

The recall included 16,741 units sold in the United States, 2,317 sold in Canada and another 750 sold outside North America. In that case, The recalled car model was the 2017 and 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. The problem involved some fire reports of vehicles once parked and recharged. 12 fires were reported.

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