Steinmeier talks to Saxony about the corona crisis and urges patience

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for patience and perseverance in the corona pandemic. “To say where we stand is not easy these days,” said Steinmeier in an online public discussion with representatives of the health and care sector from Saxony. Because of the corona mutations, the situation is currently rather uncertain. Nevertheless, impatience is growing in the country.

Steinmeier referred to possible vaccinations and Corona-Teststhat are a sign of hope. He is also glad that there are international efforts to be able to vaccinate in poorer countries. At the same time, the Federal President emphasized the importance of social cohesion. In particular, employees in the health and care sector did everything to ensure that the crisis did not result in irreconcilable divisions in society, said the Federal President

Doctor warns of psychological consequences in the pandemic

In the discussion, the family doctor from Pirna, Jana Scholz, referred to the psychological consequences of the pandemic. Her patients increasingly complained of insomnia, showed grief and aggression. The vaccination advocate tries to give courage and to put off the autumn. She called for everyone who is not allowed to work at the moment to get involved as a volunteer. Employment is important.

The intensive care physician Radovan Novak from Zittau currently sees no light at the end of the tunnel. “The vaccination is not the salvation for us, unfortunately that is what it looks like,” said Novak. Even those who have been vaccinated may have to be in quarantine. For his clinic, this means that staff could continue to be absent. Novak criticized the government and the authorities in his home country, the Czech Republic. He has no confidence in their work. The proportion of corona mutations in the Czech Republic is currently around 40 percent, said the chief physician for anesthesia and intensive care medicine at the Oberlausitzer Bergland Clinic.

Nursing manager Ina Eger from Werdau suggested that more protective clothing be manufactured in Germany in order to avoid bottlenecks in the future. The managing director of a care company in Radeberg, Patrick Hahmann, wanted more recognition of his branch, not just applause. Family doctor Scholz also appealed not to forget what doctors, nurses and carers do.

Undertaker: Corona brings lonely death

The owner of a funeral home in Marienberg, Tobias Wenzel, complained about the corona-related break in tradition in dealing with the deceased. In the pandemic, it is “very difficult to say goodbye with dignity,” said Wenzel. Corona doesn’t just bring a lonely death. There is often no opportunity for relatives to say goodbye at the coffin. That is a problem for many. In addition, the restriction to ten guests at a funeral is difficult, especially in rural regions. In some cases, guidelines are disregarded. He also criticized the authorities. Competence scuffles are not to be understood.



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