Steinmeier celebrates 75 years of the Nuremberg – Last Hour trial


(ANSA) – BERLIN, NOVEMBER 20 – Seventy-five years ago the historic trial against Nazi criminals of the caliber of Hermann Goering, head of the Luftwaffe, and Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop began in Nuremberg. Today, for this anniversary, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier attended a ceremony in Bavaria closed to the public due to Covid, which will be broadcast via the Internet.

On November 20, 1945, the first trial began which saw 24 defendants in the hall of the courthouse of one of the symbolic cities of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism. For the first time in history, representatives of a state were brought to trial for violations of international law. The trial lasted a year, until October 1946, and ended with the death sentences. The second group of trials, against 12 other Nazis including jurists, doctors and entrepreneurs, lasted from ’46 to ’49. (HANDLE).



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