Stein Erik Hagen: – I am finally happy

Billionaire Stein Erik Hagen (64) has moved in with his girlfriend Nicolay Herud (32) into the palace at Holmenkollen.

– I am finally happy, says Hagen DN.

– 20-30 years ago, I do not think it would have been so easy to get out of the closet, then it was probably taboo, so it has changed. In recent years, I have not experienced a cold shoulder in the business world because I am gay, says the billionaire, who himself realized that he was gay in his 30s.

In an earlier interview from 2019, Hagen said that he does not see the age difference between the two as a problem.

– I have friends of all ages. Age is just a number. I feel at least 30 years younger than what is in my passport, Hagen stated to Se og Hør in 2019.

A bit of a journey

Hagen is currently the largest owner in the food group Orkla, which is the tenth largest company on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

– It has been a bit of a journey. I sat and watched some funny numbers. If you had invested one kroner in Orkla in May 2004 and reinvested dividends, then it is six kroner today, ie a 500 percent increase in value in those years, Hagen tells DN.

The garden is also politically engaged. He has noticed in particular that the Socialist Left Party has proposed a 70 percent inheritance tax on assets over NOK 100 million.

– Then all you have to do is pack up and go, Hagen tells DN.

The billionaire is also concerned that there are now as many as a third of the able-bodied population who go to Nav. He thinks there is a tendency for many to become a little shy and lazy.

It is a bit special to demand that your neighbor pay for you, because you yourself do not bother to get up in the morning, he tells the newspaper.

  • Born July 22, 1956
  • Was for many years the owner of the grocery chain Rimi, which he can nicknamed «Rimi-Hagen»
  • Is today the largest owner in the Orkla Group
  • Has previously donated large sums to both political causes and charities
  • According to Kapital, is good for NOK 33 billion, and is Norway’s seventh richest person.



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