Stefano Vanin on the autopsy results: “Viviana Parisi died on the site of the discovery”

Yara Gambirasio, Melania Rea, Elisa Clas and hundreds of lesser known cases. Professor Stefano Vanin, one of the most qualified forensic entomologists in Europe today a professor of Zoology at the University of Genoa, has seen many autopsies. Yesterday he studied the body of Viviana Parisi, the forty-year-old DJ found lifeless on 8 August in the bush of Caronia after disappearing from home five days earlier with her four-year-old son Gioele.

Professor Vanin, what did the autopsy reveal?
«The certainties are still few. Let’s say that the lady probably died in the place where it was found. That is, she was not killed elsewhere. For the rest it will be necessary to wait for the results of the analysis of the many information collected. There is the histological examination to see any infiltrations, the toxicological one to understand if he had assumed something, the entomological one that I do to establish the times of death … Then it will be necessary to put everything together and pull the strings ».

How long will it take?
«We have asked for ninety days but I think we will be much quicker. I expect less than two months ».

Various fractures have been found, what does this mean?
«Everything and nothing. Suffice it to say that when faced with a fractured arm we are unable to say whether it is due, for example, to a shovel thrown by someone or a trivial fall on the sidewalk “.

The lawyer of the Mondello family, that of Viviana’s husband, says that the injuries are compatible with a fall from a height, from a pylon or from a cliff.
“I’m going with lead feet.”

If she really fell from above, can murder be ruled out?
“Saying that, no, because someone may have pushed it. And the accident cannot be ruled out either, because she could have tripped. Conclusions of this type can only be drawn by those who have the overall picture of the investigation, for which one hypothesis is perhaps much more probable than another ».

Can it not even be ruled out that someone shot her or she was stabbed?
“Yes, I have not seen injuries attributable to gunshots and stabbings”

“This will never be known because the body was too decomposed”

You went to collect dirt before the autopsy. What do you need it for?
“To study the species of insect that colonized the body. Insects speak, tell the times of death and each territory has its species and its times ».

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