Stefano Pioli’s incredible Milan is already in history

Disrupting sacred monsters of the past is always a complicated exercise. Comparisons are never simple and touching legends like Arrigo Sacchi, Fabio Capello and Carlo Ancelotti can also be annoying, but the numbers don’t lie, for better or for worse. And what do the numbers of current AC Milan say? That Stefano Pioli’s team in the league to date is the best ever. Incredible but true. The trend that this Milan is having has never had in the past, not even when the squad was packed with champions.

RECORD. In the three-point era, the Rossoneri never had 23 points in the standings in the first 9 days, not even in the years that led to the Scudetto. Pioli broke the previous record in the 2005/06 season when the Rossoneri had scored 22 points after nine matches. Even in the year of the last championship 2010-11, Milan only had 17 points after nine rounds. So with humility and dedication Pioli has already entered the history of Milan with the best start to the season in the league, it had never happened before. It was an incredible 2020, and no one in Serie A has had the Milan average from January to today. In a total of 41 games they have scored 92 points, for an average of 2.24 points per game. Milan are the only team at the top of the top 5 European leagues not to have lost.

CHANGE OF STRATEGY. And to think that Stefano Pioli’s position was in question for several months, when the club had in mind to bring about a great revolution by relying on Ralf Rangnick. In this case, the cohesion of the group and the results have made the management change their mind, with Gazidis in the first place, demonstrating that work always pays off. Now things are working out and Pioli is one of the greatest architects of this Milan, but as the coach often exclaims: “Nothing has been done yet”. The year is long and the goal is to get into the top four, which would be another great and surprising result for Pioli.

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