Stefania Orlando Mourns the Loss of Beloved Dog Margot: A Heartbreaking Tragedy

Stefania Orlando torn apart by pain_metropolinotizie

A great pain in the life of Stefania Orlando: the showgirl and ex of the Gf Vip destroyed by the tragic event.

Historic face of I Fatti Vostri, Stephanie Orlando he lived a new professional life after participating in Big Brother Vip.

For some time away from the small screen, except for some hosted in well-known television lounges of Rai and Mediaset, Stefania Orlando continues to maintain constant contact with fans through social networks.

And, precisely through social media, she decided to let off steam to share with those who love her the pain felt for the terrible disappearance.

Stefania Orlando, single after the wedding

Romana doc, she made her debut on the small screen in the early 1990s as a valet in the midday program of Canale 5, Yes or no?, hosted by Claudio Lippi. Gorgeous, she made herself noticed by the world of entertainment and was called by Rai to conduct highly successful programs such as We bet that…?, Your business, The lotto at eight or Piazza grande. She moved away, then she, from the spotlight, she returned to television as a competitor of Gf Vip in 2020 and was then chosen as a competitor of Tale and which show on Rai 1.

Stefania Orlando was married to the actor for two years Andrew Roncato, then she got married to the musician Simone Gianlorenzi, to whom she was linked for 16 years. After a long and very strong love, the presenter made it official separation from the latter in 2022, explaining that she remained with him on excellent terms. But her breakup with her husband wasn’t the only one tragic event which overwhelmed Orlando who, just in the last few hours, wrote a sad farewell post on Instagram to one of the most important people in her life.

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The pain of Stefania Orlando

“You didn’t want to leave, you didn’t want to leave me alone you who loved me so passionately. You fought until the last moment, held in my arms, protected by my love. You and I loved each other so much, my baby, as much as we went through together, and it was always you who protected me, cheered me up, saved me, with your gaze, with your eyes full of love”. Thus begins the long and sad post by Stefania Orlandoforced to report the death of her beloved dog Margot.

“[…] They have been wonderful years that I will not forget, you and I, inseparable, and we will always remain united my love […] You would have turned 19 in July […] But I will continue to celebrate you every year and every day because there will never be anyone who will take your place, the void you leave cannot be a space to fill – the presenter wrote again -. Hello little Margot […] continue to protect me please because without you I no longer have my compass “.

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