Stefania Orlando: “I really wanted to talk to you” – Big Brother VIP

The karaoke evening continues until late at night and some songs particularly hit the hearts of VIPs as in the case of Stefania which, still proven by the clash with Elisabetta, tries to definitively clarify their squabble yesterday.

In fact, the showgirl, with shining eyes, extends her hands to Elizabeth saying: “I really wanted to talk to you, but it seemed to me that you dodged my look” while the adventure companion hugs her says: “But jokes, we haven’t talked anymore but I didn’t avoid you”.

Stefania is really sorry for the clash she had with the coiquilina and lets herself go to the emotion: “Believe me that for you there have always been beautiful words, at certain moments you say things you don’t think” justifying her bright tones as an outburst dictated by nervousness while Elizabeth, also sorry for their disagreements, smiling at her says: “In fact, I was upset, but for me now everything is fine”.

The conversation also attends Matilde who, with a veil of melancholy, admits his displeasure in thinking that tomorrow he could leave the house and greet his fellow adventurers: “I will also support you from outside! I want to sleep tonight and think that what will come will be good for everyone, I really believe in it” while Elizabeth encourages her by saying: “You don’t even have to think about it, let’s stay positive”.

Then Stefania, visibly moved, holds the two roommates in a long embrace that on one hand establishes peace with Elisabetta and on the other encourages Matilde to face tomorrow’s televoting; even this evening the Big Brother, with a simple evening of karoke, has again upset the spirits of the House.


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