Steam’s “Instant Leaderboard” Has Been Updated and Revised, and the Best Selling and Most Played Games Have Been Spreaded Enough | 4Gamers

Steam Charts has always been an important reference for gaming media and gamers. In the past, we could query the 100 games with the most people online at the same time through the leaderboards page. Now Valve has updated the rankings page and the visual design has a complete update and also adds the bestseller list.

The top of the last page of the leaderboard uses a clear real-time graph to show the number of players online on Steam, and the peak of the highest number of online players on the Steam platform is between 21:00 and 23:00 in Taiwan , and some players often report some games in the discussion area Line delay time conditions match.

Sure, the most important thing to check on the rankings is the simultaneous launch of the game, but this time Steam has added a list of the top 100 best-selling games based on their revenue performance.According to the current situation, the top three are currently the top three. most popular battle royale in the world: Killing “Apex Heroes”, “Electric Rider 2077”, which has recently gained popularity thanks to the influence of animation, and “Soulworker”, a free MMO developed by South Korea’s Lion Games Studios.


The reason Steam is deeply loved by the gamer community is the fairness and openness of information about the game, including player comments and online data, which allows players to view the game very objectively. This is why Steam is still the first choice for PC platform players even though it competes with other platforms and most of the major manufacturers competing with it are reluctant to disclose such data for marketing operations.

While there are still occasional marketing operations or negative reviews in the comments and discussion areas, this does not affect the overall credibility of the Steam reviews. Most gamers accustomed to the Steam community have already developed discernment in reading the information of Steam. game, which is different from other home consoles. For games on other electronic platforms, it should be fair and open and more accessible to people.

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