“Steam to Launch Dolphin Emulator Compatible with Nintendo Wii and GameCube Games”

Dolphin, a well-known emulator for playing Nintendo GameCube and Wii games, will be available on Steam in the second quarter of this year. This means that the emulator can also be used on the PC and the Steam Deck.

On Steam is one page for Dolphin Emulator available, although there is nothing to download yet and no exact release date has been mentioned yet. The emulator will be released via early access. The developers deliberately choose this, because certain features are not yet completed. The makers also say they would like to get feedback on what features Steam users are interested in before a full release.

Dolphin Emulator is open source software and will be completely free to download. The makers to call this release on Steam a “great experiment” and say many months of work went into it. As soon as the release is near, the developers will publish an article discussing all the features of the Steam version.

With the emulator it is possible to play old, classic Nintendo games on modern hardware, such as 4k screens and modern controllers. Through Dolphin you can play in higher resolutions and there are hd texture packs available, in addition to “hacks” for widescreen implementations and patches to increase the original frame rate. There are also features like quick saves, slow motion and turbo modes present and online multiplayer is also possible. Dolphin does not include the games; it is a tool to run legally obtained copies.

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