Steam offers discounts on select games

It will already start on Tuesday at 19:00 Steam Autumn Sale, will run until 11/29 and will include many games with big and small discounts. Before that, we have a current offer here, which includes various discounted titles.

What do you have here? Moreover Axe: Shadows die twice in the GOTY edition with a 50% discount for € 29.99, Civilization VI with a 90% discount at € 5.99, new Dune: Spice Wars for €23.99, F1 2022 manager for €35.74, Sea of ​​Thieves with a 50% discount for €19.99, The Rise of the Monster Hunter with a 50% discount for €19.99 or Little Nightmares II with a 67% discount at €9.89.

Further Car mechanic simulator 2021 for €15.32, Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies for €8.99, Zero Sievert for €17.99, Borderlands 3 for €14.99, Scrap Festival for €11.99, Unrailed! for €4.99, Crisis 3 Remastered for €22.49, The ascent for €9.89, SoulCalibur VI for €5.99, Monster Hunter: World for €14.99 or Code Vein for €7.49.

During the Czech and Slovak game week, you can buy national titles at a discount. For instance Euro Truck Simulator 2 for €4.99, American truck simulator for €4.99 (game owners, get them to watch the DLC at a discount), Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic for €22.49, Empire: Greek Wars for €14.05, Crunches for €6.99, The last Oricru for €29.99, Samorost 3 for €4.99, Nebuchadnezzar for €12.99 or 1428: Shadows over Silesia for €26.99.

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