Steam Deck on new materials. Valve shows the final version of the case and hardware

Steam Deck will not be available to players until next year, but we can already check what the final version of the hardware looks like. Valve has unveiled a set that will land at customers in the near future.

The Steam Deck is undoubtedly one of the most interesting devices for portable PC enthusiasts. Similar solutions are systematically appearing on the market, but Valve can provide players with a new quality of gameplay.

The corporation has not yet been able to ship the equipment to customers, but everything is going in one direction – the company showed the final set, which is to land at the players at the beginning of next year.

You can see the console in a special case here, but we also have the opportunity to take a look at the official box. The corporation is also showing the final version of the device for developers (devkit), as the project was finalized in recent days. However, we can assume that the final version of the platform for players will look very similar.

We recently completed our Steam Deck’s Design Validation DV (Design Validation) build and will be using it for additional testing and development kits. The DV is the final prototype build before the final production release and includes a number of improvements over the EV2 build. We will also make some minor changes to the final product. One of the main differences between these prototypes and the previous ones (EV2) is that we are now testing our packaging design. Therefore, before we start shipping them to manufacturers, we would like to present you a preview of the final packaging that customers will receive in February.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the release date – the first players are to play on Steam Deck in February, but we are still waiting for details.

Steam Deck 2

Steam Deck 3

Steam Deck 4

Steam Deck 5



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