Steam Deck is not compatible with games like Destiny, Apex: Legends and PUBG

SteamOS Proton feature does not yet support popular games

{image}In its current state, the portable computer Steam Deck is not compatible with a number of popular games, including Destiny, Apex: Legends e PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The reason for this is in the resource Proton, which allows you to shoot native titles for Windows no SteamOS.

Since SteamOS is an operating system based on Linux, it has a limited selection of compatible games. That’s where Proton comes in, a feature based on a fork of the compatibility layer Wine — which since 1993 allows running applications developed for Windows in systems based on Unix.

Among the most notable absences are four of the ten most popular games currently on Steam: the three titles cited above plus Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. According to the website PC Gamer, the culprits for this would be the anti-cheating systems implemented in these games.

The website ProtonDB brings a list of games compatible with Steam functionality and even opens a space for players to explain why these games did not work. In the vast majority of cases, users report that they were even able to open the games, but it was impossible to log into the multiplayer servers due to the lack of anti-cheat.

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Even so, a Valve spokesperson explained that the Steam Deck will come with a new version of SteamOS. In addition, the company is also working to improve compatibility and support for anti-cheating solutions from different developers.

This means that the team led by Gabe Newell would be looking to convince the providers of anti-cheat systems to support Steam Proton. Valve’s big argument for this is that developers will no longer have to go through the trouble of updating their games with Linux support.

Even though these games don’t work natively with SteamOS, players will still have the freedom to do whatever they want with their Steam Deck. This even includes installing the Windows operating system on Valve’s laptop, what would solve the compatibility problem with the aforementioned games.

Via: Gamespot, PC Gamer



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