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Against all odds. Since her arrival in Nîmes, Rani Assaf has experienced all the emotions. A counter-current club takeover. A year in Ligue 2 with fewer points for a dark history of wine bottles to which he was totally oblivious. An exceptional and unexpected rise in Ligue 1. A fantastic epic, a truly unique team on the pitch and behind the scenes. And then, the first tensions, the first difficult decisions. The descent to Ligue 2. The break with former staff and fans. Meanwhile, months and seasons pass. Dante’s project for a new stadium emerges. And despite all the obstacles, the project is proceeding step by step. Relationships and communication improve in the desire to water down his wine (always him) and find the sources to rekindle the red flame that has gone out. Nothing is perfect yet. Many things remain to be built. But we are moving forward. Like the Antonins transition stage which will be approved in a few days, hopefully. And it welcomes its first spectators the day after Christmas for the extension of this magic that happens only once a year. In a few long years, the great stadium will replace the Stade des Costières to write a new, hopefully exciting story. If and only if the president of Nîmes Olympique doesn’t lose heart. And he continues to chart his course against winds and tides. Even if the weather is bad. Like all daring entrepreneurs. The late Jacques Chirac said: “Shit, fly squadron.“He’s not entirely wrong in this case. Having managed to convince a pool of investors, find the right partners, set up the project without financial assistance from the public authorities. Rani Assaf must accept environmental compensation, protected, public inquiries , cheap wishes, rising prices, interrupted deliveries.. Worse still, a few days ago, precisely on November 24th, the CNAC, the appellate body of the departmental commercial development commissions, issued an unfavorable opinion with judgment on the ENSCOM trademark project .A new commercial area of ​​4,826 m2 envisaged as part of the Nemausus Stadium project.Essential for the vitality of the project and the Nîmes Olympique project., Rani Assaf and its partners, will therefore have to start over, respecting the criteria imposed by the entity which responded to the appeal presented by the association Heart of Nîmes and Socri Reim (owner of the Coupole de Nîmes). The complaints are simple: the latter two cities refuse to see new businesses set up on the edge of the Nîmes ring road while outlets in the city center are bearing the full brunt of successive health and economic crises. It’s not about seeing clothing stores, for example, in too large commercial cells, etc. Julien Plantier, the first deputy from Nîmes, who had traveled to Paris to support Rani Assaf, also failed to convince senior officials. From now on, the president of Nîmes Olympique has four months from his postponement to formulate a new proposal. One could say that it is certainly more than that. But in his place many would have already packed their bags. Rani Assaf is no ordinary man, certainly an extraordinary president. But we can take his hat off for one thing: he has a lot of patience!

The mayor of Nîmes was heard after the complaint against an elected Nîmes. For several weeks, a complaint has been filed against an elected official of the city of Nîmes. This complaint is in the hands of the investigators of the Montpellier judicial police and the Montpellier prosecutor’s office, the case has been disoriented on the other side of the Vidourle. For now, and why Objective Gard did not make it public, no court decision was made. Furthermore, the presumption of innocence must be absolutely respected. That said, this denunciation is already having its first political consequences today. The mayor of Nîmes, Jean-Paul Fournier, who asked the elected official in question to distance himself during the investigation, will be heard next Thursday by the police officers of the Hérault PJ. Others before him were also heard from the side of the metropolis of Nîmes. A classic procedure for specialists even if it is not every day that a mayor of a city of more than 150,000 inhabitants is heard by a judicial accusation. It remains to be seen whether that will be the conclusion of this story. And if it will lead to lasting political upheaval in Nîmes … Or if, as the defenders of the elect concerned predict, it will make few waves.

Julien Plantier and Jean-Paul Fournier, meeting in January. After having postponed his project for a new body to support the projects of the majority and plan for the coming years by a few months, Julien Plantier, the first deputy of the City of Nîmes now wants to accelerate. As Jean-Paul Fournier has promised, it is in January that the two men must meet again to establish this commitment. While some elected officials of the City and of the Agglo had given their consent to participate and then withdrew behind Julien Plantier’s back, they will now be a little embarrassed to discover that the mayor of Nîmes could also join…

Refs between Edeis and the authors of Nîmes? After winning the contract for the management of Roman monuments and the organization of historical events from the City of Nîmes, and after proposing a first double show under its aegis last year, Edeis wants to confirm itself in 2023. But for several months , tensions arise between the service provider and the authors of Nîmes. Edeis wishes to show other French cities its ability to innovate and surprise in a capital of the Gard, a showcase of its offer. The Nîmes teams don’t think so and want to keep control of the fate of the story. Do not for Edeis who believes that it is up to the payer to decide. Especially since the operator’s strategy is to go beyond the cultural action, in a logic of territorial promotion. For this, he wants to have the production of cultural and heritage content in hand. To lend credence to his point, Edeis highlights attendance figures for last summer’s show, Nîmes, city of the gods. Far, far away from forecasts. The next few days will be decisive, they tell us…

Franck Proust, silent force. While the criticisms have not failed on his choices for the financing of women’s sport or on his excessive savings in the agglomeration of Nîmes, the president of the metropolis of Nîmes has decided not to change course. And the magistrates of the regional accountancy chamber shouldn’t complain about it. According to our information, the report of the CRC of the Metropolis of Nîmes which will be known in the first half of 2023 should greet the first two years of management of Nîmes. An operation as a good family man which is even a conquest given the very unfavorable economic context. “We’re back to operating expenses at the same level as in 2014, ie!“, an elected official slips us into the corridors of the Agglomeration who praises Franck Proust’s ability to work for the collective sense and future of the territory”without listening to the menacing birds“.

Where is the popular culture in Nîmes? In the corridors of the town hall of Nîmes, criticism against Sophie Roulle, the councilor for culture, abounds. Beyond her behavior, it is her cultural politics that are identified. Probably a little jealous, the comments made to her aren’t necessarily without interest. On cultural issues no one has the truth, much less Sophie Roulle. Take a respectable and committed elected official like Daniel Jean-Valade, his predecessor. For a long time he had guided the cultural policy of the city, not in the hands of a single small elite of Nîmes, but in a more popular approach appealing above all to the transmission of this precious heritage of Nîmes. A real success. There are still three good years for Sophie Roulle to make up. She definitely has the qualities for it. Otherwise, why would the mayor of Nîmes put him in such a prestigious position?

Due Bouget in the canton of Nîmes 3. This Friday, the university students of the departmental youth council entered the Department. A hundred elected officials including 46 departmental councilors accompanied by delegates and assistants allowing the representation of each institution. In the lot, a little Valentine Bouget, a fifth grade student at the College des Oliviers. The young woman is a deputy for the canton of Nîmes 3 where her father was elected during the last departmental elections of 2021. For example, the fruit never falls very far from the tree …

Francis, stop! This Friday, the former President of the Republic, François Hollande, signed at the Goyart bookstore. Far from having finished with politics, the socialist came to promote his new book, upheavals, published by Stock. Inside, he gives his analysis of the world and offers a course of action to the French. In recent months, François Hollande has also addressed the left during the presidential elections, given that all the candidates were ” lilliputyenne ». « If I had his phone number, I would ask him to stop hurting his political family and come to his senses. “says the head of the PS Gardois, Arnaud Bord. A statement in our column My life, my phoneto read next Tuesday in Target Gard, the magazine.

Ronald Passet is leaving. Head of the departmental service of interministerial communication for more than eight years at the Gard prefecture, Ronald Passet, who the local press knows well for his infallible efficiency, will change duties. After the agreement of the prefect of the Gard, he should soon join Chloé Demeulenaere, the sub-prefect in charge of city policies and urban renewal in the Gard. State Services just launched an announcement to replace him in the communications department. Notice to communicators…

Nîmes Festival: off to a great start! According to our information, the first dates of the Festival de Nîmes – 2023 edition – are already enjoying great success. Already more than 10,000 tickets sold in just a few days. Let us recall the programming at this stage: the famous French group, led by Gaëtan Roussel, Louise Attaque, will be in the arenas on Friday July 21, 2023. A few days before, it will be the iconic French singer with Michel Polnareff glasses who will tread the nimoise stage. It is he who monopolizes the first place in sales with nearly 5,000 tickets already booked. Rapper Lomepal will play on Wednesday July 12, 2023. Just like duo Gims & Dadju on July 22. And metal band Slipknot on June 27th. The city of Nîmes already promises more than 20 dates already set including the British alternative rock band, Placebo, led by star Brian Molko. On the other hand, even if the rumor was insistent, no concert in Indochina is planned at this stage…

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