Stay Alert: Heavy Rains Expected in Michoacán Due to Tropical Storm Dora

Stay Alert: Heavy Rains Expected in Michoacán Due to Tropical Storm Dora

Morelia, Michigan, August 1, 2023.- Even though tropical storm Dora moves away from the Pacific coast, its effects could cause heavy rains in a large part of the state of Michoacán on this day, hence the call to stay alert and act accordingly if necessary.

The Secretary of Government, through the State Coordination of Civil Protection, invites Michoacán to take preventive and self-care measures, given that these rains could be accompanied by electric shocks and hail, which could cause an increase in river levels. and streams, overflows, landslides, and floods.

Thus, in order to avoid, as far as possible, effects on health, physical integrity and/or family assets, the recommendations that the civil protection authorities have provided for these cases are recalled:

• Take extreme precautions in the presence of strong winds and pay special attention to buildings made of flimsy material.

• Take extreme precautions for vehicular traffic on highways and rural roads, fords and mountain bridges.

• Take extreme precautions against gusts of wind, seek refuge in houses and buildings of solid construction.

• Do not drink liquids or food that have been in contact with contaminated or flooded water.

• In case of imminent danger, evacuate the area immediately and do not try to save your belongings.

• Consider evacuating your home if you live in an area that is susceptible to landslides.

• Listen for any sounds made by moving debris.

• Stay alert to any sudden changes in water levels and turbulence.

• Have an emergency backpack on hand, with water, non-perishable food and important documents sealed in plastic bags.

• Prevent pooling and flooding by not littering.

• Keep the street and sidewalk in front of the houses clean.

• Avoid leaving sand, gravel or any construction material without shelter on the street. It can be washed into the sewers.

• Do not try to cross streams.

• Be extremely careful with tall structures such as signs, light poles, and trees. They can fall.

• Avoid taking shelter under trees. They attract lightning.

• Do not handle metal items during the electrical storm.

• Prepare a family first aid kit in case of emergency.

• Give constant maintenance to the drainage system, drains and gutters to avoid waterlogging.

• Do not leave power cords or extension cords on the floor where they may come into contact with water.

• During a strong storm, avoid leaving the house if it is not necessary.

• Disconnect electrical appliances and close gas outlets if the rain intensifies or the water level inside the house begins to rise.

Remember that for the reporting of risk situations, accidents or any type of eventuality, the emergency telephone number 911 is available.

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