[Statistiques] Montpellier on top against teams struggling to maintain

The newspaper The team drew up the list of the teams which fight for the maintenance: Montpellier, Nantes, Ajaccio, Auxerre, Brest, Troyes, Strasbourg and Angers. A ranking has been made taking into account the direct confrontations between these teams. And it is Montpellier which is at the top of this not very glorious classification with 1.88 pt per game. Something to reassure a little in the race to maintain but for all that, we will wait to garner the necessary points to rejoice…

Classification :

  1. Montpellier 1,88 pt/match (5V ; 0N ; 3D)
  2. Nantes 1.86 (3V ; 4N ; 0D)
  3. Ajaccio 1,57 (3V ; 2N ; 2D)
  4. Auxerre 1,5 (3V ; 3N ; 2D)
  5. Brest 1,38 (3V ; 2N ; 3D)
  6. Troyes 1.29 (2V ; 3N ; 2D)
  7. Strasbourg 0,71 (1V ; 2N ; 4D)
  8. Angers 0,63 (1V ; 2N ; 5D)

Please note, this ranking does not take into account the meeting between Angers and Ajaccio played on Wednesday.

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