States that want to ban cross-dressing shows for minors in the US

At least 11 US states prepare bills to ban cross-dressing shows in the presence of minors. The promoters of these new norms, belonging to republican state governments, argue that shows of the style drag are inappropriate Because they contain sexual references.

According to information collected by CNN, the prohibitions would have different scopes depending on the state. Here is a detail:

The ban in Arkansas would only be for public places. Adults-only establishments could go ahead with the shows, with the only restriction being to keep minors out and ensure they are not exposed to entertainment that “depicts sexual behavior in a way that is patently offensive.” .

People who see drag shows must be strictly of legal age in several US states.Mark Boster – Los Angeles Times

As for Montana, the bans are directed at all public schools or libraries that receive state funding. In addition, all those under 21 years of age would be denied entry to sites with this type of show.

On the other hand, Arizona has three bills in force that address the issue. One of them prohibits government resources from being allocated to entities that organize “shows of drag queens aimed at minors”; another plans to restrict cross-dressing shows in public places; the third obliges venues that allow these shows to be for adults only and to have a set schedule.

According to CNN, in Missouri there are also several bills in this regard. The first seeks to change “the definition of a sexual orientation business to include any nightclub or bar that offers entertainment of drag”. The second seeks to add “male or female impersonators performing shows appealing to prurient interest, or similar performers, regardless of whether they perform for remuneration” to a list of cabaret shows. exclusively for adults.

This status intends that “cabaret shows”, as he defined them, are done only in places for adults. The purpose is to prevent children and minors from having contact with them. Violators would face misdemeanor charges. “This bill is not antidrag. It is in favor of minors,” he told CNN Jack Johnson, senator from that state.

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The measure that the authorities want to implement in West Virginia points directly to the upbringing provided by parents. Any adult who allows their child to participate in or observe a cross-dressing show will be “required to receive parenting classes, substance abuse counseling, anger management counseling, or other appropriate services,” according to the bill.

The LGBT community spoke out against these measures that seek to limit cross-dressing shows in certain US states.

Like the other states of the North American country, Texas is one of those who want minors to stay away from these shows. Although it will allow them, these should only be done on adult sites. On the other hand, it would include bars and restaurants that offer them in a “sexually oriented business” category.

These are the other states that, with their bills, also seek to ban cross-dressing shows for minors:


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