States member JA21 cannot find suitable accommodation, gives up his seat and returns to the Achterhoek | Utrecht

Potjer writes in a statement that his lease will expire in the autumn and that he has decided to turn his back on Utrecht ‘because of the situation on the housing market’. “The relationship between price and quality of homes in the province of Utrecht is now completely broken. Many young Utrecht residents pay 40-50 percent of their net wage in rent or go way too deep into debt for a house that is much too small.

The JA21 Member of Parliament – who expects his seat to remain empty – also wants to make a statement with his departure. “I don’t do it anymore. I will temporarily return to my parental home in the Achterhoek to build up capital from there and to work on my future.” He states that building additional houses in Utrecht “doesn’t want to go smoothly”. “Here in Utrecht, too, people prefer to use wind turbines rather than homes. See the Rijnenburg polder.” He says he will continue to work in Utrecht. Potjer also works at a consultancy company on the Lage Weide business park. “It only costs a little extra travel time and CO2 emissions.”

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