Statement for snakes associated with earthquakes

Prof. Ege University Environmental Problems Application and Research Center Manager. Dr. Dinçer Ayaz evaluated the appearance of snakes in recent times following earthquakes. Ayaz stated that the snakes awakening from hibernation are normal to be seen frequently in May and June because they are looking for spouses and food, and there is no scientific data indicating that it indicates the earthquake.

While Turkey’s earthquakes occur repeatedly in recent years in several regions, snakes began to be seen. The snakes’ frequent visibility has been interpreted by some as’ earthquake precursors’. Prof. Ege University Environmental Problems Application and Research Center Manager. Dr. Ayaz stated that there is no study and data in the literature that increasing the number of snakes or being very frequent is an ‘earthquake precursor’.

Snakes woke up in hibernation

Prof. Dr. Ayaz, “With the arrival of spring, the snakes have awakened from hibernation. After exiting the hibernation, they engage in spouse-seeking activities for feeding and breeding. Therefore, it is normal to see a large number of snakes in May-June. Especially, they constitute a very important place in the food chain in nature and they should not be killed for the protection of biological balance.Snakes prevent excessive reproduction of mouse species that are harmful both in terms of carrying disease factors for human beings and harming agricultural products. For example, in the 1960s, ‘black snake’ was taken from the Aegean islands for biological control with rats, whose numbers increased in North Cyprus in a very large way, so that it was not necessary to take chemical drugs by expense and the side effects of chemical drugs that harm the environment and people were prevented. It is ” he spoke.

said the experience of nearly 60 snake species in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Frosty, “Snakes are all biological richness of the nature of our country. None of them are an enemy that should be feared or destroyed. They are beneficial creatures for humans. Therefore, their good introduction and explanation of their benefits are important for the protection of our country’s rich biological diversity.” said.



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