State of Play August 6, 2020: Sony makes you want!

If there’s one thing Sony does very well, it’s communicating about its exclusive games. Without having revealed everything, the company can continue to offer new products, which gives the impression that it is still hiding some in its long sleeves and that the PS5 will not be lacking in exclusives!

Another flawless State of Play on Sony! An opening on nothing less than Crash Bandicoot 4, the Hitman III announcement in VR, and we continue on many games from third-party publishers to show that the PS4 remains supported to reassure players, while pushing the PS5 announcements a times this done. While Sony had talked about third-party games with a bit of PS5 content, the fellows hid their game well! We were treated to Crash Bandicoot 4, the unveiling of the very intriguing Hood Outlaw Legend, and a demonstration of Godfall, the MMO of the end of the year which could finally create a surprise against Destiny.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s about Time – 2 octobre 2020 PS4- PS5  (Xbox PC..)

First real Crash Bandicoot since Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped released in… 1999, Naughty Dog seems to have preserved the spirit of the game while evolving what needed it. The game will alternate camera from behind and from the side, while a number of traps that made the success of the first three episodes have been taken up and to which new ones have been added. The game seems to offer still crazy platform levels and which will require above all mastery. It is a game that can be extremely treacherous and requires to know it by heart, and this one does not seem to escape the rule.

Hitman III – janvier 2021

The Eidos game that should also be found on Xbox and PC has made an appearance, but in VR. It seems that the trilogy will be released on PlayStation where we can virtually play as Agent 47. This is likely to change the playability of this game which requires great discretion and to observe well around you.

Braid Anniversary Edition – 2021

Originally released on Xbox 360, Braid had marked by his universe strongly inspired by painting. For this version, the game still offers this unique aesthetic, but whose canvases change in real time as new brush strokes appear. For the rest Braid offered a solid platform game with the sound of music that matched the game perfectly, which should therefore be the same for this version.

The Pathless – 2020

This game gives a nice feeling of speed and fluidity. For this, it uses a wind effect when running, while the targets are selected automatically, which allows to get rid of enemies at high speed and allows gameplay. With regard to the fights, the bosses still seem quite easy for regulars of Dark Souls, it is therefore considered intended for the greatest number and relying on its universe and sensations of speed during fights and exploration. Otherwise the game will offer to solve quite simple puzzles, but many to progress.

Spelunky 2 – 15 septembre PS4

Originally released on Xbox Live Arcade then ported to PC as a freeware, it will finally be adapted on PS3, PS Vita and PS4, Spelunky’s sequel adds a multiplayer mode in order to regroup its community. Many weapons have been added as well as many traps. Like the first, the game seems to generate procedural levels in order to preserve the surprise of the players in each game.

Genshin Impact – October 2020

A game typically in the Japanese spirit, this action RPG has a Cell shading aesthetic and should offer an open world and can control a team of four people. Cooking should also be an important part of the mechanics since the dishes that we will concoct will result from the reinforcement of abilities.

Aon Must Die – 2021 – PS4

This Beat them Up has everything to be successful! First of all its unique aesthetic which seems straight out of a comic book that would have come to life. The originality of the game also comes from the enemies that adapt to your fighting style forcing you to vary the actions. Understand that if you use the same punches, they will be able to parry and reply easily. The game should also offer five different endings, in any case it already offers a whole universe that makes you want to.

In the year, the change – the PS4 – December 2020

Here again a more indie game with a strong aesthetic. The game is a beat them which also seems to give pride of place to the platform. The character has great fluidity. And speed of movement which should lead to fights where reaction times will be important.

Bugsnax PS4 – PS5 – December 2020

Game seems intended for young people, Bugsnax offers a very nice universe, but we see a part of exploration emerging at the end of the video, we will have to wait to find out more!

Star Wars: Vader Immortal – PS VR – 25 May 2020

This episode gives you the opportunity to play Darth Vader in first person view. Several actions of Vader are proposed such as parrying blows, shots, or sending his saber from a distance. Given the very uneven quality in VR, it will be necessary to wait for the release of the title in a few weeks to be fixed.

The Pedestrian – janvier 2021 – PS4

Here is a game which still offers an original puzzle game concept in its design, you will have to guide your character to the right exit, and not hesitate to play with the tables!

Hood : Outlaws and Legends PS4-PS5- 2021

This Sony exclusive is reminiscent of a certain The Order 1885 which would have made a child with Thief on the ambiance side. In any case, the trailer made with small onions is promising, it will however wait to see more, but the game seems to offer a whole world for your future adventure.

Temtem PS5 – 2021

Pokemon type animal fights in a multiplayer open world, this is what Temtem seems to offer, which adopts an aesthetic again close to a cartoon.

Godfall – End of year 2020 – PS5

In addition to presenting us his superb universe and his armor which will give the taste of farmer, Godfall unveiled a fight against a boss apparently to conclude the presentation.

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