State government honors concepts of cultural education

The cities of Ahlen, Gelsenkirchen and Ratingen as well as the districts of Euskirchen and Lippe have received awards in this year’s competition “Overall Municipal Concepts for Cultural Education”. With their comprehensive concepts for the cultural education of children and young people, they won over the jury of experts and received prize money of 15,000 euros each. The cities of Neuss and Minden, which have already successfully participated in the competition on several occasions, will receive a three-year concept funding totaling 60,000 euros each. With this additional funding, the state government has created an opportunity for committed municipalities to continue their work on the overall municipal concept for three years without competitive pressure. The concept funding will be awarded for the second time this year.

“The municipalities that have received awards for their overall concepts are doing important work in the field of cultural education. By networking and bundling different actors, they enable reliable and easily accessible cultural offers for children and young people everywhere in North Rhine-Westphalia, ”said Minister of Culture and Science Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen. “The concepts are based on the great personal commitment of many committed people on site, who with passion and perseverance ensure that cultural education has a permanent place in the communities. My special thanks go to you. “

More than 75 North Rhine-Westphalian cities, municipalities and municipal associations have already taken part in the competition with which the state has been honoring special municipal commitment in cultural education since 2007. The award is given to concepts that work across departments on the quality of their cultural educational landscape by networking offices, independent artists and cultural, educational institutions and cultural initiatives and thus enable children and young people to have permanent access to cultural education.

Exemplary measures taken by the municipalities include new digital cultural platforms, regular formats such as conferences and meetings, the appointment of cultural advisors or representatives, and long-term cooperation, for example between theaters, music schools and adult education centers with daycare centers and schools.

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