State Border Guard Service is investigating how Saakashvili crossed the border

Border guards check how Saakashvili left Ukraine

The border guards are checking all the information about how he left Ukraine.

The State Border Service is checking the fact of crossing the Ukrainian border by Mikhail Saakashvili. In this connection, several officials were removed from office. This was announced on Thursday, October 7, by the speaker of the State Border Guard Service Andriy Demchenko in a comment. UP.

“In the situation with the citizen of Ukraine Saakashvili, the State Border Service of Ukraine is really conducting an official check. The circumstances of his departure from Ukraine and the fact of crossing the state border are being investigated. All information on how he left Ukraine is being checked in detail,” the statement says.

According to Demchenko, at the moment several officials of the Southern Regional Directorate from among the leadership have been suspended from duty during the investigation and pending its conclusions.

When asked whether Saakashvili’s border crossing was recorded in the database, the State Border Guard Service speaker noted that he could not provide such information, because it was confidential.

Previously, the media reported that Saakashvili got to Georgia, hiding in the cabin of the trailer.

Previously 13 cases were initiated in Georgia against Saakashvili, and a few days ago the Georgian prosecutor’s office opened a new case in connection with illegal border crossing.

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