State awards for the four best Franconian wineries

The Bavarian State Prize for Winegrowers is the highest award that a winemaker in Bavaria can receive. In order to win this award, a wine-growing company must achieve the best award rate in its size class over a period of three years, i.e. have the highest proportion of award-winning wines in its production. The Bavarian state government awards this prize every year to four different sized wineries.

While the award ceremony by Prime Minister Markus Söder had to take place online a year ago, State Minister Judith Gerlach came to the Staatliche Hofkeller under the residence this year to personally honor the best winemakers with the necessary distance. “They can rightly be proud of this award, because they are now among the best winemakers in Bavaria,” said the minister.

Honored for the size of the company

In the category of up to five hectares of cultivation area, the Manfred Braun winery from Nordheim (district of Kitzingen) prevailed for the eighth time. Proof that even on a small vineyard area, long-lasting quality can be produced with great attention to detail. In the category of over five to 15 hectares of cultivation area – a size that is very common in Franconia – the Kreglinger winery from Segnitz (Kitzingen district) prevailed this year. The family winery has not only won many gold medals in the past twelve years, but has also received the title “Best of Gold”, the highest award of the Franconian wine awards, for five wines. Now comes the Bavarian State Honor Award.

The Höfling winery in Eußenheim (district of Main-Spessart) was honored in the 15 to 50 hectare category. In the past three years, this winery has received several awards, including for its Silvaner and a Beerenauslese. In 2016 the winery already received the Bavarian State Prize.

In the category over 50 hectares, the Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist winery in Würzburg prevailed. The winery belonging to the Association of German Prädikatsweingüter grows its wines on 120 hectares. These include some vineyards on the Würzburger Stein-Berg, including the Würzburger Stein-Harfe monopoly.

The President of the Franconian Viticulture Association, Artur Steinmann, praised the striving for the highest quality of the winemakers that have now been awarded. This price is proof that high performance can be maintained for years.

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