Stas Sadalsky publicly called Prokhor Chaliapin a gigolo. Video

The famous artist called the showman Prokhor Chaliapin a gigolo.

Stas Sadalsky. Photo:

Prokhor Chaliapin last summer he ended his bachelor life. The young man has finally married the girl of his dreams. She turned out to be a 42-year-old millionaire from Canada, Tatiana Claudia Davis.

The wedding of the young people died down in Las Vegas, and after it Prokhor Chaliapin was hounded on the Web, claiming that he lives for women count… In response, Prokhor recorded a video in which he stated that he was created for love, not for work.

A famous artist and blogger intervened in the scandal Stas Sadalsky… On his Instagram page, he expressed his attitude to Prokhor Chaliapin, calling him gigolo.

“He fell in love so passionately that he immediately offered her his hand and heart. Living in her house, driving her car, and generally living at her expense! Do you really like that lovely women? ” – asked Stas Sadalsky.

He accompanied the publication with the hashtag “Alphonse”, making it clear that his attitude towards Chaliapin, to put it mildly, is not very warm.

“Who is even interested in this man who looks like a woman who looks like a man”, “Well, they brought him in like a pet! So he sits at home! To the feeding trough, to the tray and to the crib ”,“ Such a creature is generally not worthy of attention, let alone discussion. The poor boy can do nothing else but serve the elderly ladies, ”they said on the Web.

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