Stas Mikhailov Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday with Heartwarming Post

Rodion Shvedov

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Stas Mikhailov The performer of the hit “For You” knows how to compliment women and is not shy about openly expressing his delight. This time a beauty named Maria received his attention.

Stas Mikhailov, as fans rightly believe, is not only a great singer, but also an excellent family man. He dotes on his wife Inna and always publicly showers her with compliments. The artist accepted her children from his first marriage, and she accepted his older heirs. In total, six children are growing up in the famous family, of which two daughters are common to Inna and Stas.

Mikhailov’s youngest heir, Maria, celebrates her birthday on September 21. The girl turned 11 years old. The famous father could not deprive the girl of public attention on such a day. Stas dedicated a post to his daughter on his personal microblog on Instagram.

The artist showed how Maria grew up. He published a portrait photo of them together, which shows how similar father and daughter are to each other. A chubby blonde gently hugs her dad from behind.

In the microblog of Stas Mikhailov

“Happy birthday, my love! How quickly you are growing up! 11 years in a blink…! Part of my heart! May God grant all our children a happy, long, beautiful, bright, meaningful life! God’s help in all your endeavors and Protection “Blessed Virgin Mary. Mom and I are always close!” – Mikhailov signed the photo.

Subscribers actively join in the congratulations in the comments. Many note how similar the girl is to her father in appearance and even believe that in a few years she may follow in his footsteps and also take up music.

“Happy birthday Mashenka and happy name day. Many and blessed summers”, “We can say that your love for your daughter is guaranteed for life. It’s not just visible, it’s felt. It’s clear that Mashenka is a complete pleasure for you, raising her, being around her,” “How similar to her father! Maybe she’ll also become a singer,” admiring fans write online.

Source: Imstagram

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Photo source: Instagram, Komsomolskaya Pravda/Global Look Press

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