Starts filming director Liene Linde’s comedy drama “Black Velvet” / Article

On June 27, the first episodes of the film “Black Velvet” were filmed: a mysterious bus ride to a press conference in Tallinn, a conversation between the main character and his friend at the cinema and others. Filming will continue until the beginning of August.

Marta, the main character in the film “Black Velvet”, is a film director. She lives the typical life of a modern creative thirties – she works in a workplace where she is unable to realize herself; undertakes work, the terms of which are overdue forever; maintains a romantic relationship in which there is no emotional fulfillment; treats his depression with intoxication and continues to tell his friends that he will start working on the script for his new film “soon”. Through a series of sad, absurd and comical events, Martha is forced to learn that sometimes she has to fall even deeper to get out of the pit. The upcoming film is best described as “drama”, as it combines elements of drama and comedy.

The role of Marta has been written by the director especially for the actress Inga Tropa, with whom she has successfully collaborated before. Actors Ivars Krasts, Baiba Broka, Iveta Pole and others will also play roles in the film.

Liene Linde has directed the feature films “Four Meals” (2012) and “Seven Awesome Sex Times” (2016); both have been awarded the National Film Prize “Kristaps the Great” as the best student films. Together with Armands Začs, the director has also made the documentary “Presence” (2020), which won the “Big Kristaps” award in the category “Best Documentary Film Direction”.

“The life of a woman slipping out of control, confusing relationships, clumsy sex, empathetic irony and disarming humor – the director’s special handwriting will be recognizable in the upcoming film” Black Velvet “,” the producers emphasized.

Producer Guntis Trekteris explained: “The film is intended to be made in the drama / comedy genre, as it is a very attractive format to talk about topics that are important to the generation of millennials easily and with humor. Liene Linde. “

The cinematographer of the film is Dāvids Smiltiņš, the artist is Ieva Kauliņa, the costume designer is Liene Dobrāja, and the make-up artist is Ilona Zariņa.

The feature film “Black Velvet” is produced by the studio “Ego Media”. The film is being made in collaboration with Tet and is financially supported by the National Film Center.

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