Starting with only 36% positive reviews on Steam, The Last of Us Part 1 has finally made its way to PC.


The Last of Us Part I is out on PC, but the reaction from the players is not the best. You can see on Steam that user reviews are mostly negative, with only 36% positive reviews out of 1779 at the time of writing. Cause? Poor optimization of the game, judging by what the players wrote.

One of the comments points out that this version of the game is made by Iron Galaxy and criticizes its capabilities. It is reported that the game has poor optimization, jerky camera movements with the mouse, and more. Others have reported multiple crashes where the game reports an error and crashes to desktop or completely shuts down, sometimes even freezing Steam or the whole PC.

Many gamers are reporting that they have high end gaming PCs and graphics cards like the RTX 4080 are struggling to get frame rates up to 60fps. Some players note that the game is great (probably because they have already played it) and leave a positive review, but specify that it deserves better optimization.

Therefore, it seems that the game is not optimized properly and needs to be improved by Iron Galaxy. We’ll have to see if Naughty Dog and Sony make any announcements regarding the quality of the game and if there are any updates coming soon.

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