Starting from Tinder, a woman was killed and mutilated 14 parts page all

WASHINGTON DC, – The one who called herself “queen cult“threatened death sentence after being found guilty of brutal murder and mutilate a woman persuaded in Tinder.

Bailey Boswell, 26, and his girlfriend Aubrey Trail, 54, who claimed to be a vampire, strangled Sydney Loofe, 24, and then mutilated the victim’s body into 14 pieces, according to the report. Mirror on Friday (16/10/2020).

Loofe’s body was later found in trash bags scattered by the side of a rural road in the US state of Nebraska.

In the Boswell case trial, it was reported that the couple told another date that they were controlling a group of witches, with Boswell being the “queen”.

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They claim to gain supernatural power by killing people, as well as making torture videos and murder.

After less than 4 hours of deliberation, the judge on Wednesday (14/10/2020) ruled Boswell guilty of first-degree murder, improper disposal of human remains and conspiracy to commit murder.

Wearing a mask due to the corona virus pandemic, he lowered his head as the verdict was being discussed. The state is pursuing the death penalty for Boswell and Trail.

Boswell, who will later be sentenced, could become the first woman in Nebraska to be sentenced to death.

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Trail was found guilty of first degree murder following his trial in July 2019, and is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Prosecutors say Boswell used Tinder to lure Loofe to the couple’s flat in the town of Wilber in November 2017.

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It is thought he was killed quickly, as his cell phone was turned off 24 minutes after he arrived at the apartment.

His body was mutilated into 14 pieces using a hacksaw and cans purchased from the Home Depot shop hours earlier.

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Boswell and Trail wrap body parts in plastic bags and dump them along country roads.

Loofe’s body was found 3 weeks later.

The trial Boswell heard from Ashley Hills (23 years old), who knew the couple and told court that Trail claims he is a vampire with 12 witches.

Boswell is thought to be the “queen” of the magician group, reports Journal Star.

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The judge was told that Boswell would contact the young woman on social media, and he and Trail jointly selected a victim.

According to court information, Trail whipped and strangled Hills, and told him that he too could become a witch, if he killed someone.

Hills told the trial, “To get your strengths you have to breathe someone’s last breath.”

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He said Trail asked him to call him “daddy” and give him an allowance of 200 US dollars (Rp 2.9 million) a week, adding, “I like the idea of ​​being rehabilitated.”

He added that he now thought Trail was a “psychopath” and “con artist”.


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