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Original title: Starting at 2699 yuan!Portrait video phone OPPO Reno5 series officially released

Collecting news from the micronet, OPPO held an online “Starry Night” OPPO Reno5 series new product launch event tonight (10), and officially released the first Reno5 series mobile phone equipped with FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, including Reno5 and Reno5 Pro two mobile phones.

The OPPO Reno5 series focuses on portrait video shooting. It has a front 32 million water mirror and a rear 64 million water portrait four shots. It supports AI radiant video beauty, AI video enhancement and video super anti-shake 3.0. Realize the real and natural personalized portrait shooting, while realizing the overall optimization of the portrait environment.

In addition, the OPPO Reno5 series also supports multi-scene video recording, neon portraits, AI ID photos, and Soloop instant recording one-stop video editing.

In terms of screen, Reno5 uses a 6.43-inch screen, and Reno5 Pro uses a 6.55-inch screen, both of which support a 90Hz refresh rate and a 180Hz sampling rate.

It is worth mentioning that the Reno5 series adopts Goodix’s under-screen optical fingerprint solution to bring a smooth unlocking experience; and uses Goodix’s smart audio amplifier to make the mellow sound linger in the ear; plus Goodix’s intelligent voice enhancement The solution can ensure the clarity of the call even if the surrounding environment is noisy.

In terms of appearance, the Reno5 series adopts a more shining star diamond technology, and its brilliance has increased by 35% compared to the previous generation. The Reno5 series of mobile phones are designed to be thin and light, with a thickness of 7.9mm and a weight of only 173g. The mobile phone provides four colors to choose from, Star River Dream, Aurora Blue, Moon Night Black, and Star Wish Red (New Year Edition).

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In the core configuration, Reno5 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, and Reno5 Pro is equipped with Dimensity 1000+ processor. In other configurations, the battery capacity of the Reno5 series is increased to 4350mAh and supports 65W super flash charging. The heat dissipation area of ​​VC liquid cooling has increased by 372.82mm².

In addition, the Reno5 series from the start of the game, to the five-dimensional super-sensing experience in the game, and then to the super-playing battle report after the game is over, the whole chain enhances the game experience. The newly upgraded feel adjustment 2.0, the sensitivity and handiness support five levels of adjustment, and the anti-mistouch setting function, so that each game has its own customized feel.

In terms of price, the Reno5 8GB+128GB version is priced at 2,699 yuan, and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 2,999 yuan. The Reno5 Pro 8GB+128GB version is priced at 3399 yuan, and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 3799 yuan.

The Reno5 series Galaxy Dream, Aurora Blue, Moon Night Black will be sold simultaneously on December 18, 2020 online and offline channels, and the Reno5 Pro Star Wish Red Edition will be available online and offline on December 29, priced at 3399 yuan. .

In addition to OPPO’s mobile phone release tonight, OPPO also released the Forbidden City co-branded products: OPPO Watch Forbidden City New Jubilee Edition, OPPO Enco X Forbidden City Fuqi Edition, and OPPO Smart TV Forbidden City customized version of wallpapers and themes.

Among them, OPPO Watch Forbidden City New Jubilee Edition, priced at 1999 yuan, OPPO Enco X Forbidden City Fuqi Edition, priced at 999 yuan, will be pre-ordered on December 10, and will be officially launched online and offline on December 29. Wallpaper will also be fully launched on OPPO smart TV on the 29th.

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