Started in Rouen, the investigation leads to the discovery of a large traffic of heroin in the West

An investigation opened in Rouen has brought to light the existence of significant drug trafficking in the great west. Six people were arrested on Monday August 17, 2020.

65 kilos of heroin were discovered following an investigation into drug trafficking in the great West of France, Monday August 17, 2020. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

A vast gendarmerie operation, Monday August 17, 2020, led to the discovery of 65 kilos of heroin at Poitiers (Vienna) andarrests of six people in Indre, Indre-et-Loire, Eure and Dordogne.

It stems from a several months survey opened by the Rouen parquet and entrusted to the research sections of Rouen, Orléans and Poitiers, as well as to the regional intervention group (GIR) of Rouen, on a significant drug trafficking in the great west of France.

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GIGN mobilized

Judicial information had been opened by the Rouen public prosecutor’s office in March 2020. “The investigations focused on two brothers acting more particularly in the sectors of Rouen, Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Tours and Poitiers,” said the prosecutor. deputy of the Republic of the judicial tribunal of Rouen Soizic Guillaume. They made it possible to suspect the existence of trafficking in large quantities of heroin. “

The gendarmes of the center for the fight against digital crime (C3N), a unit specializing in cybercrime, contributed to the investigations. The latter, for their part, were leading an international investigation into the dismantling of an encrypted telephone network used by European criminal groups. “The C3N has managed to provide investigators with evidence implicating one of the main protagonists of this trafficking,” said the deputy prosecutor.

The operation followed on August 17, mobilizing 70 gendarmes from the research sections of Rouen, Orléans, Poitiers, the GIR of Rouen and the departmental gendarmerie groups of Seine-Maritime, Indre et Loire, Indre, Dordogne and Alpes-Maritimes as well as the GIGN branch in Tours.

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Three people in pre-trial detention.

The drugs were hidden in a cache in a vehicle parked in a car park in Poitiers. “In addition, the searches carried out led to the discovery and seizure of nearly 58,000 euros in cash, eight vehicles and two scooters, three handguns with their ammunition, an artisanal press used to compact narcotics and several objects. luxury, ”says Soizic Guillaume.

The six arrested resided in Tours, Joué-les-Tours, Buzancais, Brionne and Parcoul-Chenaud. Four in custody were brought before the examining magistrate and indicted. Three were remanded in custody.

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