Start-ups – Despite Corona: Record number of company foundations in Switzerland

A total of almost 47,000 new companies were entered in the commercial register. This exceeded the record of 2019 by another 5 percent.

This was announced by the consulting company on New Year’s Eve in a communiqué based on the evaluation of the commercial register figures. “Many who have been thinking about starting their own company for a long time have seized the crisis as an opportunity and implemented their plans,” said founder and boss Michele Blasucci in the communiqué.

Northwest and Central Switzerland in a start-up mood

New entries developed particularly well in Northwestern Switzerland (+9 percent), followed by Central Switzerland (+7 percent). In Zurich, the number of start-ups increased by 5 percent and in Eastern Switzerland by 6 percent.

In Ticino, which has been badly affected by Corona, the crisis is taking its toll, wrote: Here, the number of start-ups fell by 16 percent. French-speaking Switzerland was also on the downside (-4 percent).

Trade benefits

The consumer goods / retail sector grew the most (+1.7 percent), which is also the largest in the start-up ranking with a share of 14 percent. The health sector also attracted numerous start-ups (+1.2 percent. In contrast, the leisure / travel / sports division suffered with a minus of 1.3 percent.

As the pandemic subsides, expects a boom in start-ups: “Many aspiring entrepreneurs who are active in traditional areas, for example, have waited before founding their own company. This is especially true for those industries that have been hit hard by the pandemic have been, so gastronomy, events, travel and entertainment “, explained Blasucci.

In addition, due to the low interest rates and advancing digitalization, many companies would continue to be founded, especially in the IT, security, construction and real estate sectors that have been strong for years.



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